Property Industry Foundation Annual Event – Haven House Logan


Article by Rachel Levi
Flythrough by Blight Rayner
Music by Cynthia Erivo


Michael Rayner was my Master’s tutor at university, so it’s amazing to think that we’re now, 5 years later, designing together a haven for young survivors of terrible domestic violence situations.

When I heard that Antoinette at the Property Industry Foundation had asked Blight Rayner to design the Lady Musgrave project at Logan, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in such a significant and meaningful project.

That passion only grew larger when we sat down with a group of the young mums, realising that they were not much younger than me. They were smart, engaged and so appreciative of our interest. We gained a raw and valuable insight into the wants and needs of young mothers, and their children, who are escaping domestic violence.

The most evident thing we gleaned from our conversations was how much they loved their children and how they wanted to protect them from experiencing what they had experienced. In many ways, their wants were to simply have what they have never had – normality.

We have designed the apartments to provide choices – such as to enjoy privacy when it is needed and to socialise when it is wanted. Even though their children will be safe, we’ve made sure they are always in eyesight. The buildings are not meant to make any sort of grand statement, rather to fit into the local community of Logan, to be climatically responsive, and to enable a simple, stable home life.

The process has been as much an emotional experience as an architectural one. I’m really looking forward to the day of the opening of this project, when I’m sure the emotions of everyone involved, including the young women, will pour out. We are so grateful to be involved in this project and hope you would like to be involved too.

Above is a short video of the project’s design to music specially chosen by Kloe, one of the young women we talked with and who shared her experiences at the event.