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We believe that architecture is more than a profession. By its nature, it is concerned with making the world a better place. This leads us into conversations with people from many walks of life, imparting awareness of societal needs where we can help.


While we often donate to several worthy courses, we like to involve our directors and staff in organisations and programs where we can contribute our knowledge and skills over a period of time. This enables us to understand well needs and complexities, and build staff morale through grappling with issues and for projects unerringly with limited funds.


Some organisations we are currently involved with are the following:

Property Industry Foundation

Property Industry Foundation (PIF)


Michael Rayner has been a director on the Board of the Property Industry Foundation since its inception in Queensland in 2015. PIF was established to assist homeless youth principally by raising industry funds to design and build homes for this pervasive and often vulnerable section of society.


The staff’s work has involved undertaking design feasibilities for potential sites, and design work, especially with a learned appreciation of the varied needs of homeless young people, minimising costs while also imparting dignity and self-worth.


There are several other ways we assist such as organising fundraising events, approaching suppliers for donations of materials and fittings, and teaming up with consultants we work with daily to resolve project challenges. This provides in truth benefits both to our practice such as improved working relationships with consultants, awareness of materials and other building elements we may not otherwise have encountered, and of course staff camaraderie.


Legacy Brisbane


Legacy Brisbane is dedicated to helping Australian families suffering socially and financially after the death or incapacity of a partner or parent.


We are currently involved with helping Legacy to find new premises for its operations in Brisbane, and once secured, will undertake the fitout design at no cost or minimal cost depending upon its complexity. This work may lead to assisting Legacy individuals or families with design needs.


We are looking forward to fulfilling whatever architectural or planning needs this organisation providing vital services to Queenslanders identifies for us.

Multicultural Australia



Michael Rayner’s wife Kylie works at Multicultural Australia whose largest clientele are refugees. Multicultural Australia helps them settle into their new lives, build connections in their communities, and find work and study opportunities. Michael knows well therefore how hard Multicultural Australia staff work in what is clearly a passion as well as a vocation.


We currently don’t work with MCA directly but have begun providing work experience to young refugees to help develop skills in architecture or administration, become familiar with the Australian working environment, and have something local to include in their curriculum vitae.


We hope over time to contribute more to refugees who have come to Brisbane to help them become valued and integral members of a cultural rich and diverse city.

Griffith University

Griffith University


Blight Rayner is passionate about supporting and nurturing talent in our universities, and retaining that talent in Queensland.


Michael Rayner has been Chair of Griffith University’s Architecture Advisory Panel since the launch of architecture at the university in 2015. He is also an Adjunct Professor in Architecture, delivering lectures and advising on architecture programs.


Blight Rayner awards The Blight Rayner Master of Architecture Design Prize each year to the final year student with the most outstanding work in their Architecture Research Projects 1 and 2.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland

Michael Rayner is the longest-serving Adjunct Professor in Architecture at The University of Queensland (since 2012), contributing through lecturing and tutoring, most recently the UQ Master of Architecture Master Class.


In 2014, Michael donated 97 artworks from his personal collection to the University of Queensland Art Museum, making it the largest donation by number of artworks. He has participated in Art Museum panel discussions on Queensland artists like Madonna Staunton and on philanthropy for the arts.