Blight Rayner | Elton Williams
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Elton Williams

BIM Manager
DipBldgDes&Tech (TAFEQld)


Elton Williams is Blight Rayner’s BIM Manager who previously assisted the large residential practice Elenberg Fraser to upskill from AutoCAD to Revit. He is a vital member of Blight Rayner’s team as the systems he has introduced enable our staff to be technologically advanced and versatile. Among his roles are:


  • training + support for all our urban design, architecture and interior design staff
  • fortnightly updates to all staff on new technologies and software
  • project-specific documentation systems + template applications
  • quality assurance management of design + documentation technologies for each project
  • coordination of Blight Rayner’s + our consultants’ BIM/Revit documentation


Elton has extensive experience in 3D modelling and documentation systems and is setting up processes in our office to train and equip our staff to explore complex geometries in our future projects.

Design, documentation and coordination technologies are changing constantly – I get huge satisfaction from processing them into ways which best enables Blight Rayner to achieve its goals as effortlessly as possible.