Blight Rayner | Hill End House
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Hill End House

West End, Brisbane, 2008–10



The decision to utilise rough-poured insitu concrete as the base material for this home was based upon creating a sense of a remodelled ruin.  It was conceived as a departure from the plethora of lightweight houses which typify contemporary subtropical Brisbane architecture.


Our idea was also to create a ‘cocoon’ for living, making a series of cool-in-summer, warm-in-winter spaces.  The spaces are characterised by niches of artwork some solid and others framing apertures to the river.  Regulations required the upper level to be set in from the lower level.  On the eastern side this is achieved by raking the outer wall which, with a vertical inner lining, produces the niches.  On the other side, vertical walls are displaced and bridged by a slither of glass which shafts light down into the interior edges.


The notion of ruin is extended out to the street and down to the river in a series of carved walls and terraces.  The upper timber level is modelled to give the impression of a layer added to the ruin at a later time.


Michael and Kylie Rayner


Shortlisted in World Architecture Festival Awards 2014