Urban Land Institute's Young Leaders Summit in Brisbane on Friday 24 August

Michael Rayner at ULI Summit 2018

Michael Rayner was one of four panel members who presented to the Urban Land Institute’s Young Leaders Summit in Brisbane on Friday 24 August, along with Carolyn Viney of Vicinity, Ross Du Vernet of Dexus, and Katrina Face of Destination Brisbane. Michael addressed the topic ‘The Next Big Thing’ by predicting key technology, sustainability, mobility, materials and processes changes looming, by articulating cities’ major challenges and by identifying four big typological changes – to shopping centres, universities, schools and housing. His finale was 3 big urban changes to Brisbane – a multi-connected city centre, Bowen Hills as a new age city centre, and a knowledge loop.


 Download Michael Rayner’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ presentation


Image Above:
Michael Rayner presenting ‘The Next Big Thing’, photograph taken by Leo Mewing of ULI Australia