Blight Rayner | Our Studio
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Our Studio

Our studio at 88 Creek Street in the Brisbane CBD is designed to foster collaboration between our staff and with our clients, as well as with our consultants.


The main meeting room is a curtained space which opens up into a large forum for holding talks by visiting speakers. They will, over time, include visiting architects to Brisbane, and researchers and practitioners in multiple fields related to the built environment – economists, environmental scientists, historians, sociologists, technologists, engineers, artists and craftspeople. The forum also enables our most experienced architects, like Michael Rayner, Jayson Blight and Gary Carter, to share their knowledge and experience with younger staff, with the aim of equipping them with advanced intellectual and technical skills.


The studio is also designed to stimulate imagination through artwork, particularly that of artists with whom we have formed ongoing collaborative relationships, like Lincoln Austin, Donna Marcus and Bruce Reynolds. The craft in their works is synergistic with our own ethos, and which we prioritise in our methodologies.